Instructions for use :

  1. We are a team of spiritual practitioners from India.
  2. We spent last 22 years in traveling diffrent places and meeting spiritual masters from diffrent religions.
  3. We recieved many methods to cure a lot of dieseses with the help of Naqsh/yantra/talsimans and mantra chantings during our spiritual journey.
  4. We tried.many of these methods on diffrent people suffering from illness.
  5. After successfully testing many methods we decided to help people with our shortlisted/tested methods.


Why do you charge money for these if this is a spiritual purpose?
Ans. We like to look at it like donation. As, we need funds to run website, promoting it, server costs,etc. Also, team members spends a lot of time traveling to diffrent places and there are many items involved in making of these healing products. This is why, we kept a no question asked refund policy on our website to feel lighter on our karmic side.
How you spend the money you earn from this website ?
Ans. Our website, research and development I.e,travel cost, translations, food ,stay,etc. remaining portion we spend on our livlihood so we can dedicate more time for this cause. We also donate a part of it to poors as food.
You are just helping with few diseases here but there are a lot more people are suffering from, what about them ?
Ans. We understand, We are working on many other diseases and we will try to upload solutions as soon as we are satisfied with results from our end. Also, there are some diseases which involves meeting in person as those healing involves chanting and blowing or moving hand on effected part or something similar. Which is not possible online.But if you need help with something specific feel free to contact us with all details we will do our best to help you.